At Empresas JC, Inc. we specialize in sales of office, school, art & craft supplies, among other products at retail and wholesale basis. For over 24 years we work hard to offer top brands at a competitive price.  This trajectory position our business as one of the leading wholesalers in the industry.  Our 11,000 square-foot store-warehouse, located in Humacao is open for customer to come by to see all of our items.  

At retail we are specialist working with gubermental agencies, universities, hospital, bank, professional office, non-profit enterprise, among others.  Our doors are open for all who wants to do business with us. 

At Empresas JC we go further ... for over 15 years with are working hand to hand with

- Local community pharmacies

-School-office supply store 

-Art & craft store 

-General merchandise store 

Furnishing customer with a large selection of in-stock products at competitive prices has been our priority, but most important providing excellent customer service experience.  

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